Rembrandt & Golden Age Walking Tour

During this 2-hour Canal District walking tour you will be taken back in time to the moment of expansion of Amsterdam in the beginning of the Golden Age.

Celebrate one of history's most famous artists, and walk in his footsteps as you learn how he was inspired by Amsterdam. This tour through the historic city center will help you tap into the Golden Age. You'll even see the real life view of one of Rembrandt's famous sketches!

Was Rembrandt lucky in love? How did he do business? Where did this 17th-century icon go for a beer, way before Amsterdam's Heineken Experience popped up?

Walk through the life of Rembrandt during the 17th century and learn about life in the Golden Age. Get all your Rembrandt questions answered, and see the spots where he drew inspiration for his paintings around Amsterdam.

This 2-hour tour will show you where Rembrandt worked, the house he lived in, and also the churches where he buried and mourned his loved ones. An artist's inspiration is never over.

The tour is a great way to see one of Europe's most beautiful cities, and the Golden Age edge will thrill art lovers too.



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