Heineken. An unique experience.

The Heineken factory used to manufacture all of the brand’s beer until 1988, until the main production line was moved to a larger facility outside the city. The factory became too small after the demand for the product became overwhelming.

These days it operates as a museum and tourist attraction and has been visited by millions of people from all over the world since it opened in 2001. Highlights - Discover the dynamic world of Heineken, in the place where the beer was first brewed. - Experience what it’s like to be brewed and bottled on the new Brew U ride. - Learn how to pour the perfect draft Heineken behind the bar. The Heineken Brewery Tour takes you through the company’s history in an interactive and fun way. When you walk through the impressive old building you’ll be able to see the gigantic copper tanks that were used to brew the original Heineken beer.

Get your tickets nowThe Heineken Brewery Tour is available in several languages including English, French, Dutch, Russian, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. You can also download the Heineken Experience App to get the full experience. At the end of the Heineken Brewery Tour, you’ll be able to enjoy two complimentary drinks while you relax in the bar. And this is also the place where you can learn to draft the perfect Heineken beer! Would you like to avoid the queues at the entrance? Book your tickets here and get the fast-track admission.


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